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Pending Settlement in OB v. Eagleson

We are pleased to report that a settlement has been proposed in the case OB v. Eagleson (previously OB vs. Norwood). The settlement class includes all children under 21 who receive home nursing in Illinois through the MFTD or NPCS programs.

This settlement offers an increase in reimbursement rates for home nursing, with RNs reimbursed at $45/hr and LPNs reimbursed at $37.50, among other changes.

For more information, see this link from Legal Council for Health Justice.

If you have concerns about the case or the settlement, please contact Legal Council prior to the Fairness Hearing, which is scheduled for 11/5/19.

Tremendous thanks to Legal Council for Health Justice, National Health Law Program (NHeLP), and attorney Bob Farley for their work on this case.

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