MFTD Waiver Families

Support for families of children in the Medically Fragile, Technology Dependent Waiver

Evaluations and Point Systems

Illinois currently uses two systems to assess the needs of children who require home nursing care. The first is the Level of Care assessment, which is used to determine eligibility for the MFTD program, and is performed every 6-12 months to ensure a child remains eligible. Children must score at least 50 on this tool, and points must be awarded for technology. Click here to view a blank version of the Level of Care Tool, and here to view the manual for scoring it. 

Once eligibility has been determined, the state uses an outside vendor, KePro, to perform an independent evaluation to determine the number of hours or budget a child should receive. This evaluation includes a face-to-face interview, in which the MNNS-RA form is filled out. After review of medical information, the data from the MNNS-RA is fed into a computer algorithm that generates a point score. This point score is then linked to a specific number of hours or budget. Finally, a physician hired by KePro evaluates the score and is allowed to use his/her judgment to generate a final budget/hours award. Click here to the view a blank version of the MNNS-RA. This comprehensive manual goes over the process of scoring the tool and awarding a budget/hours. Finally, this document provides a chart of the budget that is awarded for each score.

Note that under a pending lawsuit, the state is not allowed the reduce the hours/budget of any child currently receiving home nursing. In addition, the state has reported that the KePro assessment is only being used in an advisory capacity for children who are already in the MFTD waiver. However, we have received reports that budgets are being reduced as children are transferred from the NPCS program to the MFTD program, and that budgets are beginning to be reduced for children currently in the MFTD waiver. Attorney Bob Farley has filed a document alleging the state has willfully violated the judge's orders.