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This website is your source for information about the MFTD Waiver from families who have participated in the program nearly from its inception. If you are new to the program, check out our About Page, learn how to Apply, and find out if your child will likely qualify.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the program and support from other families in the MFTD Waiver.

Read below for updates on Advocacy issues related to the MFTD Waiver.

Recent News

HB 4736 Passes House!

Yesterday, the IL House passed HB 4736, which excludes medically fragile kids from managed care, with a 90-1 vote. Enormous thanks to Rep. Fred Crespo who created the bill, chief co-sponsors Reps. Patricia R. Bellock, Tom Demmer, Carol Ammons, and Gregory Harris, and new co-sponsors Stephanie A. Kifowit, Natalie Phelps Finnie, and Frances Ann Hurley. For more information see this article.

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More Testimony on Managed Care

One of our members testified 4/5/2018 in another House Committee subject matter hearing on moving children who are in MFTD or DCFS into managed care Medicaid.

Download Statement Here.

Statement on the MFTD Waiver and Managed Care

Good morning. My name is Susan Agrawal and I represent MFTD Waiver Families, an organization for families of children in the Medically Fragile, Technology Dependent Me…

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Managed Care Update

We are continuing to advocate to keep kids who are medically fragile and technology dependent out of managed care. We have found an amazing ally in Representative Fred Crespo, who filed a bill in the state House of Representatives to exempt MFTD kids from managed care. The bill is currently in committee. 

You can view the bill here.

Thank you, Rep. Crespo!

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