MFTD Waiver Families

Support for families of children in the Medically Fragile, Technology Dependent Waiver

Applying for the MFTD Waiver

The MFTD Waiver (also called the DSCC Home Care Program) is open to any family, regardless of income, whose child uses medical technology and requires skilled nursing care every day. While most children on the waiver have a trach or central line, some children with a G-tube or BiPAP and complex medical needs may qualify. Fill out the application whether or not you think you will be accepted. You can take a look at the Level of Care Tool to determine whether your child will score enough points to qualify. Your child must score points on the Technology section, and must receive a score of at least 50 total points to qualify.

See MFTD Benefits to find out what benefits your child will receive through this program.

The process of getting on the MFTD Waiver can be difficult and tedious. We suggest you send us an email at so we can help you further. The first step is filling out an application and submitting it to your local DSCC office.

You will also need a letter from your child's physician outlining why your child needs to be a part of the MFTD Waiver. We highly suggest working with your physician to provide some of the included information, as your physician may not know all of your child's specialists or needs.

In 2014, the state started conducting a second medical assessment using the MNNS checklist and an outside vendor to award "budgets" instead of a number of nursing care hours. Due to a lawsuit now in settlement talks, the state is no longer using this system. As this lawsuit progresses, we will keep everyone updated on changes in this process. Find out more about Evaluations and Point Systems.